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Accessibility at Conventions

Hey, shapeshifters!

Conventions are super fun, but they're also stressful, even if you're thin, neurotypical, and able-bodied.

As those of you who’ve seen us at events know, part of our regular setup is a popup tent we use as a fitting room. The trouble with that tent: it’s rather small, and doesn’t do well at accommodating larger folks, disabled folks, and folks who have trouble with small spaces. We've been lucky at most of our events to have been set up close to a restroom, but we don't like having to direct people thataways, especially not our mobility-impaired customers.

That's why we've finally replaced our old 3'x3'x6' popup tent for a much larger, much roomier 5.5'x5.5'x7' tent! It's wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or a chair, tall enough for most people to still be able to get their arms over their head, and has enough space inside that hopefully most people won't feel too cramped.

Of course, if you prefer trying your binder on in the bathroom, you're still welcome to do so. We just want to make the process as easy as possible for everyone.

If you want to come check out this glorious tent in person (or, you know, check out our binders), take a look at our Convention Schedule to see if we're going to be at a convention near you! Don't see one you can make it to? Feel free to contact us and tell us about a convention you’d like to see us at -- we're always looking for interesting nerdy and trans events to visit!