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It all starts with your measurements to create a garment tailored to you.
Our quartet of tailors handle the making of every garment in our Vermont sewing studio.
Every garment is made from scratch when you place your order.
We can ship to anywhere in the world.

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“My binder just arrived in the mail today and I was so excited just to put it on, and boy did it exceed my expectations. I ordered a custom binder all the way from Ireland because I wanted a high quality binder with a zipper because binders were just not accessible for me due to hypermobile shoulders.

It is by far the most comfortable, best fitting binder I have ever worn, and it is so easy to put on and take off, I’ll never have to worry about injuring my shoulders again 😀

Your binder has made binding possible for me again and allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin, thank you so much for doing what you do.”


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