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  • Bespoke Binders

    The thing that you're probably here for.
  • Bespoke Sports Bras

    Supportive, sturdy, comfy, and custom-sized.
  • Make your own binder

    Take our decade of experience home for the ultimate in customization.
  • Custom Commission

    One-of-a-kind cosplay, wrestling gear, theatrical costumes, and more designed for you by our Head Tailor.
  • Who are we?

    A queer-owned, queer-focused small business based in Vermont.


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Lace Binders

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Custom Print Binders

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  • "Your binder has made binding possible for me again and allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin, thank you so much for doing what you do."

    A.O., MAY 2023

  • "This singlet fits so much better that I'll actually be a better wrestler."


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