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• We are now offering our full range of fabrics year-round!

• Our Space fabrics will soon be sold out for good!

• Orders from late August through September are currently being shipped out!

It all starts with your measurements to create a garment tailored to you.
Our quartet of tailors handle the making of every garment in our Vermont sewing studio.
Every garment is made from scratch when you place your order.
We can ship to anywhere in the world.

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“Hi! I just wanted to say, first, that I’m so so (SO) happy with my purchase. I’ve had trouble in the past shopping for binders that fit well with my measurements. This one is perfect. I can’t believe the amount of compression it has and how well it fits. Thank you. I almost cried when I tried it on. Even my roommates were impressed (and one of them put in an order with you as soon as you restocked!). I’m ordering a second one from you today and thought I should give you this feedback. Hope y’all are well!”


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