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"I’m here for people’s feelings about their own gender, about monsters, and about the freedom of being monstrous."

—Eli, Designer

"Queer as in what is that?”

—Eli, Designer

"Stories about cryptids are stories that allow for so much more weirdness existing in the world than we're taught to even consider."—Krista, Designer

"I’ll always be sewing right up until the runway, that’s just who I am."

—Eli, Designer

"it’s a way for us to stretch our creative wings beyond just picking out fabrics we think our customers will like."

—Krista, Designer

  • "A cryptid roams the border between reality and legend. Some people have seen it, in-person, for real and for sure. Some people believe them. Most don’t. Like any legend or myth or well-told story, the important thing about cryptids is what they reflect from the people telling their stories."

    Eli Coughlin-Galbraith, Designer

The Cryptid Collection

Welcome to The Cryptid Collection, the very first exclusive Shapeshifters fashion line!

We created The Cryptid Collection in celebration of our 10th anniversary as a company. We've been making colorful, custom binders and sports bras for every body for an entire decade! To mark the occasion, we decided to pursue a long-held dream and develop our own original designs, growing our style and creating something brand-new once again. Enter: The Cryptid Collection.

The Cryptid Collection is a design collaboration between co-owners Eli and Krista featuring specialty binders, sports bras, and other products and projects, all designed around the theme of the cryptid: a paranormal creature of localized myth and legend. Though a cryptid may bear some passing resemblance to one or more existing animals, and there are often eye witness accounts of these creatures — sometimes spanning centuries! — no physical evidence exists to definitively prove that they're real. The most famous cryptids are probably Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

The weird, ambiguous, vaguely unsettling nature of cryptids is a deep well of inspiration. After all, we're a queer-owned company marketing towards a queer audience, and so much of queerness can be weird, ambiguous, and vaguely unsettling. Not to mention, of course, that we are a company originally founded through Tumblr, home of a robust and enthusiastic cryptid fandom. The Cryptid Collection is a passion project for Eli and Krista, and it’s also shamelessly pandering directly to you.

We'll be continuously releasing new products featuring the cryptids we've chosen to spotlight throughout the year, as well as featuring Eli's couture looks in fashion shows across New England. In the meantime, venture on to meet our featured cryptids and learn what The Cryptid Collection has to offer!

Meet the Cryptids

Alright, enough exposition

You knew it was coming. We are, at our core, a binder and sports bra company. Of course if we did a fashion collection we would offer exclusive binders and sports bras!

Ever since we started utilizing Spoonflower to offer the ultimate in a truly customizable binder or sports bra, it's been a dream to one day be able to offer a garment that was truly designed 100% by us from the ground up — not just the garment construction itself, but the fabric we used to make it. That day is finally here. All of the fabrics for our cryptid binders and sports bras were designed by Eli and Krista. This is it: the first truly original Shapeshifters binders and sports bras.

The Fabrics

Because we designed the fabrics for our cryptid binders and sports bras through Spoonflower, that means that you can buy them too for your own cryptid sewing projects! Shop the Cryptid Collection in our shop on Spoonflower.

Buy the Fabrics

Fresno Nightcrawler Houndstooth (Medium) & (Small)

Krista started designing these vintage style travel posters featuring different locations and their local cryptids in the summer of 2023. So when Eli started thinking about ways to celebrate our 10th anniversary and revisited an old dream of creating a fashion collection, they found themself looking at Krista's posters for inspiration.

Mothman at 10 Forward fashion show | Greenfield, MA | February 24, 2024

Fresno Nightwalker concept sketch

The Couture Looks

What would a fashion collection be without a fashion show? Taking inspiration from our featured cryptids and using some of the fabrics we designed for this collection, Eli has been designing couture fashion looks built around binders that they're premiering at fashion shows across New England. Keep an eye on our Events Page for chances to come see a show in person. Check back for updates and photos of all the looks.


Fresno Nightcrawler at 10 Forward Fashion Show | Greenfield, MA | February 24, 2024