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A Snek chest binder in Snickster modeled by Ro

Meet our models!

Hi, shapeshifters!

We had our big photoshoot this past spring here in the Mill, and we're delighted to finally introduce you to the models.

Hi, shapeshifters!

No doubt by now you've noticed a few new gorgeous faces all over our site! We had our big photoshoot this past spring here in the Mill, and we're delighted to finally introduce you to the models. Each and every one of them is excellent people, and we are thrilled to have collaborated with them on an amazing shoot.


Ro (they/them) is a Puerto Rican/Jewish educator and poet currently residing in Northampton, MA. They love playing in the ocean, mimicking plants, and being a being in a body. They work with young people in restorative justice and believe that we must live as if the world we want is not only possible but inevitable. To them, binding feels like wearing a day-long hug and makes their body feel like a safe(r) place to be.

IG: @ado_ro_ble


Originally from Amherst Massachusetts, DW McCraven is an Interdisciplinary Artist, with works experienced in forms such as theater, drag, installation, movement, film, and music. McCraven recently starred in and co-directed music video/short film “Michelada.” Featured on NPR, McCraven collaborated with alternative pop musical duo Bonelang to challenge lazy binary thinking, through a provocative on screen performance deconstructing gender and identity.

McCraven believes “It's human nature to take on many physical forms and behaviors throughout our journey in life. I am a living representation of the many personalities that I have created to sustain me. I find joy in discovering identity, challenging gender norms, and creating relationships that encourage positive non-conforming behaviors. Being confined to binary standards has limited my imagination, and I have decided to no longer wonder what I could be without those limitations, but rather to discover who I am as I refused to be boxed.”

DW McCraven currently lives and works in Chicago and Western Massachusetts. Learn more about them at DWMCCRAVEN.COM


Kellie (he/him) is a writer, a disabled vet, and a funny kid who loves to read. He loves hockey, skateboarding, snowboarding, and rollerblading.

"I bind because it gives me the appearance of who I truly am, a male. I’m comfortable that way, the way I look that way, how the masses see me that way. I think binders should fit so us guys backs don’t get messed up. But it can be hard to do that for some people cuz of a lot of different reasons, money being a key one.

Shapeshifters binders are incredible to wear! They fit great, they feel great! I’m so happy that I got a chance to show these off."


Morgan (they/them), also known as Punky Bruiser, is a genderqueer wrestler with Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers. They live and work in Greenfield, MA, and spend their time bouncing between there and Boston, working with kids, making music, tattooing and starting a rock camp for queer and trans folx. They’ve been binding for a decade and love exploring the ways gender and identity can be expressed. They're so thankful to be a part of this photoshoot with Shapeshifters. Find the camp on Facebook @RiotDarlingsRock and Morgan on instagram @carouselspin or @pokedmorgan.


Brook (she/her) is your resident cam girl, fetish model, veteran, and stoner. She's been binding for some time - it frees her movement, and she likes the way she looks in them. Find her on Instagram @BrookRain or Twitter @RainBrook, and check out her Tumblr