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Weekend video: thank you for being awesome.

Weekend video: thank you for being awesome.

Just taking a moment to appreciate you.

A couple of quick post-video notes:

First, this isn’t nearly all of them, this is just the amount I was able to get on the wall on Saturday. There’s so much more. We’re filling this wall.

Second, to the person who sent us a binder for resizing with green armpit hair dye on the hems: we love you, and we hope you’re doing super well.

Video transcription:

Hey, y’all. Eli here. I don’t talk a lot on video or on camera but I wanted to take a moment, this weekend, when the news is kind of bad in general, and we’re all just real tired, and it’s been a long time since it felt like Everything was gonna be okay

So I came into the studio on a Saturday and spent some time thinkin about our customers, and all of you guys, who have reached out to us over the years and sent us things, really, really nice things, that you’ve just, y’know, didn’t have to pop a postcard in the mail from Iceland, but you did, and it meant so much to us. Every single time we got something in the mail that was telling us we were doing work that was worthwhile. Every time. Everything. Every card, every note, I have saved every doodle and every drawing that everyone ever sent us. And I just. I’m so grateful, to all of you, for the five years that we’ve had. I am so grateful. To all of you. Everyone who sent us anything, to let us know that you were here, and we were here, and it made a difference. For us.


Thank you.

Thank you so much.