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Meet the models!

We were so lucky to work with such wonderful models last November! You've seen them around the site, now meet them, follow them, and hire them for modeling gigs. They're all amazing and we loved working with them.

All photography is by Isora Lithgow. Her skill and understanding in model photography is top-tier, and you should hire her too. Cannot recommend enough.

Mo Jiwon is currently tattooing at a queer owned tattoo shop in Brattleboro, VT and offers astrological services remotely and in person. From music to forging architectural steel, they have always been a multi-faceted artist, striving for innovation and social justice. They are currently focused on centering their life around rest and pleasure.

They were born in South Korea, mostly raised in western Massachusetts and spent a decade traversing most of North America and Europe. At 30 years old, they are passionate about the ritualistic practice of tattooing as well as studying and interpreting western astrology. They are also experiencing creative flames through photography, modeling and acting.

Binding makes Mo feel sexy and comforted. It creates a safe boundary in which to expand.
You can find Mo over on instagram or @stone.and.chalice for some astrological insight.
Cat (they/them) is a queer enby living in Massachusetts’ North Shore. They enjoy being out in nature, playing board games, reading YA fantasy and sci-fi novels, solving puzzles and helping people figure things out, reveling in queer community, and spending time with their friends, chosen family, and nibling/tiny BFF. Cat is a maker of various things, from sewing clothes to woodworking to printmaking to gluten-free desserts. They can often be found with at least one cat on their person. They are open about the challenges that “spicy brains” and neurodivergence, chronic pain, and energy-limiting disabilities bring to their life.

As a generally colorful person, Cat is disappointed by the shapeless grey sacks that big brands pretend to call "gender neutral." They prefer quirky designs, bright colors, and patterns for their own clothing.

Cat has tried several brands of binders and likes Shapeshifters binders the best—they are actually comfortable and able to give a nice silhouette for a bigger chest! They had a ton of fun at this photoshoot and are thrilled to represent Shapeshifters.
You can find Cat (sporadically) on instagram at @catpluscats.
Layton wearing a solid black chest binder.
Layton Hahs (they/them) is a multidisciplinary circus artist currently residing in Brattleboro, VT. They attend the ProTrack program at the New England Center for Circus Arts and hope to continue their artistry with a variety of troupes once they graduate in May 2023. They love collecting tiny trinkets, drinking ginger tea and singing along to pop punk oldies in their car. Chest binding brings them a sense of security and ease in their body and mind. It makes them feel closer to their genderqueer identity and also feel like, really hot.

You can find them on Instagram at @layton.m.h or on their website
Lyssa wearing an orange chest binder
Lyssa, they/she. Alt plus size artist & data analyst located in wmass. They self-published a poetry booklet in 2018 and wrote an article that went viral in 2015. Passions include body positivity, queer advocacy, and social justice work. They're REALLY into art, writing, the occult, hiking, urbex & any adventures in between.

Their style is somewhere between gothic boho chic and nu goth AKA they have 6 placements in Scorpio. Friends describe them as creative and soft; yet bright and fierce... and someone that doesn't understand the concept of "dressing casual".

"Honestly, I always thought binding wasn't an option for me since I'm "blessed in the chest", but shapeshifter's binders are well made, comfortable, AND CUTE. For me, it's been fun exploring different ways to present myself to the world and my relationship with gender."

You can reach them on instagram at @thewitchyouneed.
Kendall wearing a solid white chest binder
Kendall (they/them) is a non-binary, totally disabled, part time wheelchair using "Zebra" and small business owner in Manchester, NH. They love Singing, the Ocean, making soap, all things Star Trek, LOTR, and Nature/biology, and advocating for disability rights and increased accessibility everywhere. They also volunteer as an admin for an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome support group. To them, binding feels like slipping into their own skin after a long lifetime of wearing a suit that didn't fit.

You can find their shop at Rowanwood Naturals.

Wahida wearing a solid Grey chest binder
wahida omar (they/she) is a creative being-in-progress. wahida is genderfluid and binders offer them an affirming and flexible way to respond to the shifting nature of their experience. wahida can be found at @wahidao on instagram and she is in the process of developing a website.