About Us

Eli (green) and Krista (pink) picking patterns and cracking jokes. Photography by Isora Lithgow.

Fashionable, size-inclusive, gender affirming clothing.

Since 2014 Shapeshifters has led the way for fashionable, size-inclusive, gender affirming clothing. From its start on a shared Etsy store in a living room in Brooklyn, Shapeshifters has grown into its own studio in southern Vermont, employs four people, and has customers all over the world. We offer the largest range of skin tones available on the market, the largest size range, and the widest style range out there.

We have been featured in multiple media outlets including the Out in the Open Radio Hour, both Brattleboro newspapers (The Reformer and The Commons), The Rainbow Times’ Trans Headlines, Vermont Innovator Magazine, and online publications including Autostraddle, ComfyFat, The Lingerie Addict, and Buzzfeed. We can even be found in fanfic on Archive Of Our Own!

In early 2020, everything closed down and our local hospitals put out an urgent call for face masks. Shapeshifters answered the call. We converted our studio from spandex to cotton sewing, and when we were ready to re-open regular orders in late 2020, we kept the mask production going. Now it’s a different world again, and while we’re selling off the last of our face mask stock, we are no longer making new cloth masks.

To contact Eli and Krista, please email them via info@shapeshifters.co.