Alterations Form

Fill this out if your garment needs alterations.

  • Please enter the recipient’s name as it appeared in the shipping address.
  • Take in or let out? Please include amount in inches.
    To take in: pull to binding-tight while wearing, pinching up fabric at side seam. How many inches can you take out of the circumference?
    To let out: hold the binder up to your chest, set one side seam at your sternum, and have a friend wrap it around to your back. How many inches does it fall short from your spine?
  • Longer or shorter? Please include amount in inches, and do not exceed the length category for your binder.
  • For the same reason, we cannot accept returns from smoking households.

When you have submitted the above form, please mail your garment back to:

130 Austine Drive
Lower Croker Hall
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Thank you!