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Pop-up recap, radio, and print!

Pop-up recap, radio, and print!

The Untitled Goose Binder in the Bluestockings storefront, next to our banner.

What a world.

Hey shapeshifters!

Thank you to everyone who came out and everyone who boosted our pop-up event in New York. You made it a success, and we’re so grateful! We finally got to meet and collab with the wonderful people at Bluestockings, we held a one-day in-person giveaway, and so many people came and geeked out about She-Ra with us.

A bunch of other fun things happened last weekend too. Out in the Open uploaded our radio interview, hands-down the most fun press we’ve ever had. The brand-new Trans Headlines made us their business highlight for their launch. And we’ve been really delighted to see all your responses coming in to our Giveaway questions, as we think about pop-ups in 2020 and imagine wilder, freer futures.

If you’re interested in any of our other press, you can see it all on our In The Media page over here.

Thanks again. If you told anyone about that pop-up, if you reblogged or retweeted it: you helped. We appreciate you.