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We were delighted to come chat with HB about our lives and our work. Talking points: Tumblr, cosplay, Ursula K. LeGuin, and being trans in the sticks. Interstitial: Lizzo, Rae Spoon, and The Mountain Goats. If you want to know us, listen to this.

Contains rare footage of Eli and Krista in their natural habitats, operating machinery and being nerds about sewing.

The Commons is our local independent newspaper. Wendy came to interview us when we were still working out of our dining room!



“There are so few opportunities to look at your binder maker in the face, and that person is another trans person, and they say yes, we recognize that your body is different than all other bodies and here are the ways we can make accommodations for that. In fact, I would argue that there are so few opportunities that this may be the only one. Or at least, the only one I could’ve stumbled into. It felt so nice to have someone take such care.”

“My experience with [Shapeshifters] has been incredible! They hand-make every binder and therefore have an unlimited size range. They require a few measurements and truly value bodies for being diverse and unique.”

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