“Finally! After trying literally nine other binders from various sources, I’ve found one that fits, isn’t impossible to get into / out of, and provides decent compression while still allowing freedom of movement and easy breathing.
You are Da Bomb.
I will be ordering a few more from you in the near future.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!”


“Hi! I just wanted to say, first, that I’m so so (SO) happy with my purchase. I’ve had trouble in the past shopping for binders that fit well with my measurements. This one is perfect. I can’t believe the amount of compression it has and how well it fits. Thank you. I almost cried when I tried it on. Even my roommates were impressed (and one of them put in an order with you as soon as you restocked!). I’m ordering a second one from you today and thought I should give you this feedback. Hope y’all are well!”


Okay so first of all, wow. I think I must’ve said “Wow” a dozen times the first time I saw myself in the mirror. My partner and I were both just standing there agog while I turned and saw all the angles. My disabled body hasn’t been able to tolerate traditional binders for years and years, but because this one is custom sized and has the zipper down the side, I’m having no issues whatsoever, I can get it on and off no problem and it’s incredibly comfortable. This honestly does not even feel like I’m used to a binder feeling and yet I am properly flat, and I haven’t seen my body look like this in years! And it’s a beautiful object just in and of itself–I got a one-off fabric and it’s SO cool. I’m totally blown away.
… Thank you for making my experience of my body immensely more comfortable. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to comfortably bind again and this very emphatically proved that I can!

— R.W., MAY 2021

Things I can do in a relaxed fit chest binder from @ShapeshiftersCB:

Farmers carry 112lbs of water 30ft. Twice.

Throw 8 hay bales off the truck without stopping.

Chase down a baby goat.

Saw a dead tree into firewood lengths.

Seriously if you need a chest binder but also need to be active as fuck, hit up @ShapeshiftersCB, they gotchu.”


“Dear folks at Shapeshifters I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM WITH MY ORDER. Ever since they arrived my breasts have been a serious hassle. Sports bras were developed as a market when I was in my 20s, and as an athlete and a Butch I wanted to wear them but my breasts have always been too large. Being limited instead to the shame of spelunking through ladies’ lingerie to find and make do with the biggest brassieres I could find, resigned to the lace, stuck in the pink, praying that maybe, JUST, MAYBE no underwire. I had given up wishing for sports bras ages ago. I had given up being able to address my breasts the way I want to ages ago. A friend suggested you and I couldn’t be happier! I CANNOT WAIT to ride the 109 bus past Macy’s where I NEVER have to shop for BRAS EVER AGAIN. Please understand how much you matter, and you have earned a customer for life!! Most Gratefully,

-TS from Pennsylvania” (FROM EMAIL WITH PERMISSION), JUNE 2021

“[My kid] got their/his binder and pins. Thank you so very much for the work you put in getting the packages here. They were able to wear the binder today, and you could see the confidence increase in their eyes. [They] got their pins just a couple days before and have been sporting them all week at school. My baby has been struggling to get out of a dark depression for a couple months, and you have no idea how something so small made such a big difference. Hope you have a great rest of your week! You’re amazing!

— A.M., MAY 2021

“I did get it today, and I love it. It’s my first binder from y’all, and I put in an order today for a custom one based on the way it fit! I really appreciate the service you’re providing– my body is such a small one for the amount of breast I have to bind, and standard binder manufacturers don’t produce anything my size. Your company gives people the chance to feel comfortable in their bodies at an affordable price, and I love that. Thank you so much!!”

— A.K., MARCH 2021

“These are the most hecking comfortable binders I have tried, hands down. The customized lengths alone help prevent rolling, which was a huge issue of mine in previous binders. Huge. I am so impressed by these, and the inside panel helps prevent the dreaded uniboob by keeping an even flatness across the chest. The most comfortable mesh combination only adds to the appeal. While I purchased plain color binders to wear under my shirts, they are really nice to look at in comparison to other popular brands and don’t have the band puckering or side bunching that is known in many main stream brands. The customizable options are surprising and great as well, with nothing being superfluous in design detracts from function. Mostly, however, which was the reason I turned to ShapeShifters, was that the market for larger folks needing binders that actually fit and work is abysmal. ShapeShifters did a wonderful job catering to that market of larger trans men and non binary folks looking to chest bind. Discreet packaging is a plus, and minimal packing material inside is also a breath of fresh air, given that so much plastic and waste is common place. I will order from these lovely folks again in the future… Thank you so much again, ShapeShifters!”

— N.M., NOVEMBER 2020

“…I wanted to let you know that [my kid]’s binders arrived and they fit PERFECTLY and the material is exactly what they wanted. They are so pleased to have such a great selection to wear and look the way that they want. I can’t thank you enough for refitting the first 2. You guys rock! I’m so pleased that your customer service is just as amazing as the quality of your product!!!


“ My experience with [Shapeshifters] has been incredible! They hand-make every binder and therefore have an unlimited size range. They require a few measurements and truly value bodies for being diverse and unique. ”


“I’ve gotten all my binders and they are all awesome. Thank you! Im gonna be the most stylish guy in Montana. Take care and stay safe and well!”

–E.F., JUNE 2020

“I got the binder today and it fits perfectly. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to wear it with my battle jacket to pride next year. It binds well enough to lessen my dysphoria without restricting my breathing, which is really important to me. Thank you again.”

–K.W., APRIL 2020

Hi. I just wanted to say a million thanks to you and your company for changing my daughters life. She loves your garments. She says they feel wonderful. She doesn’t feel she has to hide so people don’t see her chest area. She says the feel amazing.  She’s been able to throw away all the disgusting ace bandages, sports bras, and fabric that she previously wore all at the same time and replace with your comfortable, clean, well made binder. Then she can wash that one and wear the second one she ordered. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are making such a difference. We will be ordering again. Thank you thank you thank you.”

–P.B., MAY 2020

I am legit in love with my Shapeshifters mask with cord lock. … Forgot I was wearing it and noticed a half hour later I still had it on my face. Two thumbs up from this mask wearing asthmatic in a humid warehouse.”