The Binder Dress


We at Shapeshifters are always dedicated to finding new and exciting ways to gender and de-gender our clothing! Our Binding Dress, the one and only of its kind, is here to meet your need for a flouncy, bouncy, chest-flattening dress for those special days when that’s what you need out of life.

Today’s Gender Of the Day is: Fashion.

See below for color descriptions.

Note for now we’re only accepting 2 orders for Binder Dresses a month. The fabrics we’re offering will change month-to-month but are stocked with the fabrics we have enough of on-hand to make a dress. If you’d like a different fabric, please visit our Contact Page and we’ll discuss options with you.


Click here for illustrated guide. Use inches and round up!

From the middle of the shoulder, down over the front, to the desired bottom hem of the binder part of the dress.

For Hi-low Skirts, please give us the length for the short front.

Customize Your Dress

The A-line Skirt has a simple taper out, like the letter “A.” The Circle Skirt is a large circle when laid flat that has more swish. The Hi-low Skirt is similar to the Circle Skirt but is shorter in the front and longer in the back.

None Right Zipper +$22.00 Left Zipper +$22.00 Front Zipper +$22.00 Back Zipper +$22.00
None Hood +$30.00
None Pair of pockets +$30.00

We recommend passing these by unless you’re sure. See our store blog for details.

Anything else we need to know?

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