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Jersey Devil Sports Bras

  • $115.00

This striped pattern was inspired by co-owner Krista's home state of New Jersey and its famous Pine Barrens, home to the Jersey Devil, and was designed by her for our Cryptid Collection.

NOTE: Fabrics marked “Spoonflower” are custom designs printed-to-order from They are priced accordingly and may take an extra two weeks to ship.

You can order these custom print fabrics for your own projects through our Spoonflower shop.


Color Descriptions
  • Jersey Devil - narrow, reddish brown, straight and curved tree trunks on a black background create stripes. A pale yellow moon glows behind the trees and the Jersey Devil flies in silhouette in front of it.
  • Pine Barrens - the same tree trunk stripes but without the moon and Jersey Devil silhouette.

These sports bras are made with our strong binding mesh base and an outer layer of solid spandex. Both fabrics are a spandex/nylon blend.

All of our garments are custom-made and made-to-order by four very talented tailors who each work on separate schedules to keep our employees and ourselves safe during the pandemic. Each garment is made in the order that it was purchased.

Sports bras take 4-5 weeks to make and ship.

If you're unsure how to measure yourself, please refer to our handy dandy Measurement Guide!