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Mothman Travel Poster

  • $10.00

Are you a fan of vintage-style travel posters? Are you a fan of cryptids? Then you are in the right place!

Krista, our co-owner and graphic designer, created this poster featuring the cryptid fandom's favorite cryptid, Mothman, and his hometown, Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

This poster is an artistic rendering of a scenic, sunset view of the Ohio River. Some land is visible in the distance on the horizon in silhouette, and the Silver Memorial Bridge crosses the river between land masses. Another bit of land peeks out at the bottom with some grass visible. In the stretch of water between the grass and the bridge stands a wooden post with the silhouette of Mothman perched on top of it with glowing red eyes. Over the sky is the text, "Point Pleasant" and "West Virginia" and at the bottom of the poster is the text, "We'll see you in your dreams".

Posters are 11 x 18 inches, printed on glossy cardstock.

They are not framed.

Posters are printed on-demand from our local printer and ship within 3 weeks unless they're ordered with other items. We will only ship orders once all items are complete.