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Squonk Travel Poster

  • $10.00

Are you a fan of vintage-style travel posters? Are you a fan of cryptids? Then you are in the right place!

Krista, our co-owner and graphic designer, created this poster featuring the Squonk of Pennsylvania in Johnstown, the home of Squonkapalooza.

This poster is an artistic rendering of a steep hill at night. At the top of the poster is one of the trolley-style cars of Johnstown's historic funicular, the Johnstown Inclined Plane. Trees line the hillside and the Squonk sits amongst the trees with tears streaming down its face. The large text across the top reads "JOHNSTOWN, PA", with the tagline at the bottom, "Let us uplift you!"

Posters are 11 x 18 inches, printed on glossy cardstock.

They are not framed.

Posters are printed on-demand from our local printer and ship within 3 weeks unless they're ordered with other items. We will only ship orders once all items are complete.