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Shapeshifters Binder Tracker (c)

A customer once told us, since our wait time is so long, that it would be awesome if we could someday have something like Domino's Pizza Tracker (c) for people's binder orders.

We agree!

But we don't have that kind of automation right now, and with around 50 binders going through our studio every week, we just don't have the time to manually update individual orders. Plus! Well, the bulk of our wait really is just that: Wait time, while we work our way through our wait list.

However! We think we've found a reasonable compromise!

At the bottom of the left-hand navigation, you'll find a shiny new link: Current Wait Time & Batch! On this page, you'll find our most up-to-date wait time, and the order numbers we're currently working on!

All of our orders in our new system are numbered in sequence so you'll have a general idea of how close we are to your order -- a bit like taking a number at the deli! And with our newly revamped batch schedule to accommodate a greater capacity, these numbers will get updated about twice a week, so if you see your order coming up, check back in a couple of days and you may see it there!

We love this new site, shapeshifters, and everything it lets us do for you!


PS Keep your eyes peeled for a sale!